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Northwest Riders Wake Series 2012

Covering wakeboarding, its usually a safe bet that I will get wet.  Covering wakeboarding in Washington, its pretty much a given.  Kicking off the 2012 Northwest Riders Wake Series Double Up contest this year was a nice torrential rainstorm, and even some thunder.  But my favorite part about living in the Northwest, is the amazing people I get to experience this place with.  Smiles were undeniable in what was easily the wettest event I have ever covered. With little to no expectation for amazing weather in middle to late June, the decision was made to have a killer time before the day even started, and it went down.  The riders absolutely threw down, and Northwest Riders pulled off a killer event in true Northwest Riders fashion.  

Here's to making your own sunshine, and enjoying the liquid sunshine when we get it, 

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Back in the saddle again...

La Nina has returned in case you hadn't noticed, and chances are, if you live anywhere in the PNW you have.  With the joy of frozen car doors, icy roads, and west side drivers also come the joys of pow shots, pillows, and general shreddage as well.  Working out the rust on my board legs, as well as my trigger finger, I got to have a killer pow day at Baker with friend and shred professor Chris Bowlin of Northwest Riders and some of his crew; Ian, Ezra and Pat. It didn't take long for hoots to be hollered and rag dolls to be impersonated, in trying to catch up on a months worth of lost turns.  Me and Chris snuck around for some artsy fartsy photo bonding, and then ditched the gear to enjoy the rest of the day with a killer crew.

Here's to La Nina, the one we're sure glad didn't get away..

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Northwest Riders Wake Series, Part Deux

For the second year in a row the guys at Northwest Riders put down the Northwest Riders Wake Series, in which tons of local wakeboarders and wake-skaters, young and old, am and pro, threw down on some of the biggest sickest double-ups known to Washington, and mankind.  On beautiful (man-made) Lake Tye in magical Monroe, Washington, a perfect day with a PNW sunset finished off the Pro double up contest for friday night, and a mellow Saturday afternoon of several heats of riders followed for the competition.  

Kicking it (literally) in my fins and classy bright yellow mike's hard lemonade float chair, I was stoked to keep my gear dry, and land some shots I was pretty happy with.  

Don't let anyone tell you Wakeboarding is for wimps.  The vid below ought to show you.  These guys go big, and water doesn't feel good when you hit it going 40 or 50.