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Northwest Riders Wake Series 2012

Covering wakeboarding, its usually a safe bet that I will get wet.  Covering wakeboarding in Washington, its pretty much a given.  Kicking off the 2012 Northwest Riders Wake Series Double Up contest this year was a nice torrential rainstorm, and even some thunder.  But my favorite part about living in the Northwest, is the amazing people I get to experience this place with.  Smiles were undeniable in what was easily the wettest event I have ever covered. With little to no expectation for amazing weather in middle to late June, the decision was made to have a killer time before the day even started, and it went down.  The riders absolutely threw down, and Northwest Riders pulled off a killer event in true Northwest Riders fashion.  

Here's to making your own sunshine, and enjoying the liquid sunshine when we get it, 

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Awaken the Wake

The sun is out, every once in awhile, and the days are warming up...sometimes. But whatever the weather, Brenden Leib remains at large on Lake Whatcom, throwing it down every which way he can, and I am thankful to be lucky enough to be in the back of the boat when it happens.  Cam Russel and Roy Dammarell get wet n wild this nice afternoon too, wetsuits and all. 

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Wakeboarding despite the weather..

Headed out to sunny, tropical warm Lake Whatcom yesterday to get some photos with Wakeboard ripper Brenden Leib and some friends killing it in the 59 degree murky water and what felt about 40 degree air temp after a nice crisp windchill...Bu that didn't stop these pond pillagers though, sending it all afternoon until it got dark.

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