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Kate Logan and the dreaded Headshot

Even the term 'headshots' makes me cringe, thus it is a good challenge for me to address.  With a Seattle musician as a sister I get the chance to practice and play with the results and test out some new LR3 presets to try out some film look editing

here are a few

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Jenna & Kyle

My sister is getting married, crazy! I didn't need to feel any older. 

At least I beat her graduating, that's the important part.  Getting to hang with her and Kyle was one of the most fun shoots I've had, and watching them interact makes me sure that there is someone out there for everyone, who is just as weird (and/or awesome) as they may feel they are, you just have to find them.  If the amazing level of goof is maintained for the wedding, I am even more excited, because I have the honor of being in it.    

I love you Jenna and Kyle! Thanks for making me a part of it,


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Kate Logan & Peter Bradley Adams



Live from the Columbia City Theater..

Got to head down to the Columbia City Theater this last weekend and watch my sister Kate-Lynne Logan and some of her very talented friends Jeremy Elliot of Polecat, Beth Whitney and Jenna Ellefson play a great show.

Check out the killer video work by Charley Voorhis too!

Here's to Seattle being the best music city!

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