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Kate Logan and the dreaded Headshot

Even the term 'headshots' makes me cringe, thus it is a good challenge for me to address.  With a Seattle musician as a sister I get the chance to practice and play with the results and test out some new LR3 presets to try out some film look editing

here are a few

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The Prime Time Band

For a quick and dirty concert in the PAC after a small info fair for Western's Performing Arts program, the Prime Time Band played one of the best concerts I've ever seen at WWU, and Western has had some pretty killer concerts.  A funk styled band with more soul than a sock with a hole, they had every single person in the place moving their feet, I maybe even broke down and busted a few,  camera in hand and all...Maybe.


Chandler Stone opening for Dana Little

Friend, roommate and musician extroardinaire Chandler Stone opened for fellow local musicianista Dana Little at the Museum of Radio and Electricity Saturday night February 5, 2011.  Great turnout, great music.