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Bow Lake Watersports

Hittin the lake with Cam Russell one last time before we both embark on our summer journeys, his to AK and mine to North Central Washington.  Got it done despite the rain

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Chad Spady gettin after it:




Gettin Wacky in Wenatchee

The last few days have been a blur.  Gearing up for a two month trip to Africa, I have been faced with the sacrifice of missing the heart of the 2011/12 snow season, and one that is shaping up to be pretty awesome.  It's one I gladly make though, and getting to have days like this, running around with Bart Patitucci, Robbie Hutton and Matt Penny at ungodly hours of the morning, dodging cops, sweet talking office employees and shredding in the backyard with Max the dog, let me have the best of both.

Here's to doing stuff, and being busy. It means you have a life,

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A Post for the Plankers

Mixin it up with Nick Marvik and Colin Poff, expanding the crew to twice its size, we ran into these guys as we scoped the same rail.  With the snow now pretty much completely gone, I think I was most glad just to have proof that it was actually here in Bellingham at all.

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Ladies Day, Stevens Pass

Who doesn't like ladies? Especially when those ladies have snowboards strapped to their kicks.  (Or snowbikes)  Braving the rain and fog in a classic PNW slushfest, Rome rider and Stevens Pass team rider Megan Middleton led the way for 'Ladies Day' at Stevens Pass February 6, 2011.


Check these Lady-Killers out

Ladies Day from rhys logan on Vimeo.


Ladies Day from rhys logan on Vimeo.